Applications for energy assistance for the 2020-2021 heating season are now being accepted by the Access Community Action Agency. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis all applications for energy assistance will be completed over the phone. There will be no scheduled in-person appointments. Program eligibility is determined by total household gross income and is available for all heated households using oil, kerosene, propane, wood, coal, electric, or natural gas heat except motor homes and campers. Residents of Windham and Tolland counties can contact Access in Willimantic at 860-450-7400 or in Danielson at 860-412-1600. Households that have received energy assistance in the past must reapply to be eligible for the new heating season. After completing the application over the phone, a list of documentation will be mailed to the applicant and they will have 10 days to return the documentation either by mail, fax, email, or it can be dropped off at Willimantic or Danielson offices in a designated drop box. A working telephone number must be provided for an Intake Tech to call and to complete an application. Anyone entering the building will need to wear a mask and keep social distance. We are determined to keep each energy assistance customer and our staff safe. This program is federally funded by LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) and is administered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services. The Energy Assistance program is designed to offset winter heating costs for low-income (below 60% of state median income) households in Windham and Tolland counties. Benefits are determined by total household gross income and liquid assets. Deliverable-heated households may use benefits starting November 15 and ending March 15. Utility-heated households (Eversource Energy, electric and gas) are eligible to participate in the matching payment programs and are protected from utility shut-off from November 15 through April 15.

The following is a list of documentation needed for all household members 18 and over and not in school:

  • Names, birthdates and proof of Social Security card numbers for all household members.
  • Most recent pay stubs if employed, (4 if paid weekly, 2 if paid bi-weekly), unemployment printout.
  • Self-employment worksheet if self-employed.
  • Letter for SS, SSI, SSDI, DSS readout for cash assistance and SNAP benefits.
  • Proof of Child Support and/or Alimony documents.
  • Rent Receipt/Lease, with name, address and telephone number of landlord.
  • Mortgage statement or tax bill if property owner.
  • Utility bill(s) with account numbers for the residence in household member’s name.

  • All pages of recent bank account statements (checking & savings) showing name & account numbers of all household members.

  • Liquid Assets are assets that are readily convertible to cash, and include savings accounts, checking accounts, bonds, stocks/shares, certificates of deposit, annuities and individual retirement accounts (IRAs), provided the IRA’s accounts are in the name of a household member who is 59 ½ years old or older. Households must   provide verification of all liquid assets

  • Letter from friend or relative if they give support money, must have an amount.

  • If paid under the table a letter stating how much you were paid during the previous 4 weeks.

  • Financial aid forms for everyone in the household.