We asked Karen a few questions about her A2E Experience. Here is what she said:
What made you sign up for A2E?
I was offered the class while I was in rehab and it sounded like something that would help my future.
What did you like most about the program?
It was fun! We learned a lot but the instructors made it amazing.
What are your career goals?
Ultimately I would like to go into Healthcare but right now I just wanted a job to help build my confidence back up and to pay my bills.
How did the program help you meet your goals?
It definitely gave me more confidence – confidence to look for and find a job plus apply for CNA programs in the fall.
What is your current employment status?
I started a new job this week. The A2E case manager helped me craft my resume and sent me lots of jobs to apply for – one that I got!
What are you most proud of?
How far I’ve come in a year. My confidence is at a new level, that I have a job and an idea for the future and of course my kids.