The Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC) assisted a new dad who recently gained custody of his two 16-month-old twin girls and struggled getting his children to brush their teeth and wean off of milk and the baby bottle. WIC staff counseled Dad and the girls on the importance of getting nutrition from food, not beverages, and the importance of maintaining good oral health. The WIC staff encouraged developing their cup skills while diluting their juice with water. At the follow-up appointment, WIC staff was told by the father that their milk consumption was decreased a great deal and juice intake was cut in half with water, and were “eating well”, “eating a variety”, “drinking lots of water”, and even brushing their teeth themselves twice a day. Dad said the information WIC advised was beneficial! It was a rewarding experience for WIC staff as well; the nutritional education provided to the father really had an impact on his children’s wellbeing and healthy development!

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