Hello, the nominations are in and once again, you have done a great job of recognizing the outstanding work of your co-workers.

The Value for September was Accountability:
Being open about, and accepting responsibility for, one’s own actions and the actions of one’s organization.

It won’t surprise folks to learn that Parker Stevens was one of our nominations (twice)!
Parker is the king of accountability. He was on top of his Organizational Standards and took initiative. When we ask for answers or numbers, he gets his information promptly and provides accurate information in a timely fashion.

Parker keeps the entire agency accountable – fiscally and that we are using our technology safely and correctly. And he does all this in a clear and polite manner!

Also nominated were:

Jennifer Smith

I have been working with Jennifer for 9 months and I have witnessed how she takes responsibility and accepts when she is wrong or makes a mistake. If she needs to call back a provider to let them know she made a mistake, she does it. Jennifer is always willing to help and make sure everything in the office is ok. She knows very well what her responsibilities as a supervisor are.

Cathy Whitehead

When I think of a person who is accountable and responsible it’s Cathy. Her dedication to her agency, program and staff shows in all her actions. The Access agency is better because of her.

Rhiannon McCabe

Rhiannon accepts not only responsibility for her own actions (she means what she says and she says what she means plus when she states she is going to do something she does it) but she also strives to make the agency accountable to the communities she serves.

Ian Matthew Harrington

Ian is always willing to go beyond his contractual responsibilities to collaborate with other areas. We are continuously collaborating with the Food Pantry to maintain a quality service to the community.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated. Thank you for setting the kind of example your peers appreciate.