Need Help Paying Your Home Heating Bills?

**Applications for energy assistance for the 2022-2023 heating season are now being accepted. **

Appointments are currently available during the agency’s normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Applications can be done either by phone, by Mail, In-person, or directly online at CEAP.

Households must apply seasonally. Anyone entering the building will need to wear a mask and keep social distance.

Energy Assistance

CEAP, The Connecticut Energy Assistance Program, is designed to offset winter heating costs for income/asset eligible households in Windham and Tolland counties. Program eligibility is determined by total household gross income and is available for all heated households using oil, kerosene, propane, wood, pellets, coal, electric, or natural gas heat. Residents of Windham and Tolland counties can contact Access in Willimantic at 860-450-7400 or in Danielson at 860-412-1600 to make a phone appointment and provide a working telephone number in order for an Intake Tech to call back.

Deliverable-heated households may use benefits starting November 1st and ending May 2nd. Utility-heated households (Eversource Energy, formerly CL&P and YES Yankee Gas) are eligible to participate in the matching payment programs and are protected from utility shut-off from November 1st through May 1st.

Required Documentation for all household members 18 and over and not in school. Refer to the chart below to see if you are categorically eligible:


If you need help paying your energy bills, Eversource can help you.

The Matching Payment Program allows you to maintain year-round electric and gas service and possible elimination of back balances if you qualify and pay an agreed-upon amount on time each month.

Here’s how it works. Eversource, through the Matching Payment Program, will match your payments once you are approved for and receive energy assistance from Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). For every dollar you pay toward your bill, a dollar will be credited to your past-due amount.

So, you pay a portion, energy assistance pays a portion, and Eversource pays a portion. Making all required payments in the Matching Payment Program protects your household from shut-off, in addition to getting the payment match.

To be eligible:

  • You must be a current Eversource residential customer and heat your home with electricity or natural gas;
  • Your household income must be at or below 60 percent of the estimated state median income;
  • You must have CEAP energy assistance funds applied directly to your Eversource account;
  • You must continue to pay your payment arrangement amount on time each month.

To enroll in the Matching Payment Program, call Access for assistance.

Sometimes life can take you down a road with unexpected financial curves. We can help give you a new start.

The New Start program can help eliminate your outstanding balance in as little as 12 months. If you make on-time monthly payments, we’ll make up the difference.

Here’s how it works.

Eversource will review your account billing history and set a monthly budget payment based on the average of your regular monthly bill.

When you make your New Start monthly payment, a portion of your past due balance will be eliminated, or “forgiven,” reducing the amount you owe. The amount forgiven each month is calculated by taking your total past due balance and dividing it by 12.

As long as you continue to make your New Start payment, your service will not be shut-off for non-payment.

For example. if your budget payment amount is set at $150 per month and your past due balance is $1,200, for every month you make your required $150 budget payment towards your current bill, we will reduce your past-due balance by $100.

To be eligible:

  • You must be a current Eversource residential customer.
  • Your current account balance is $300 or more and at least 60 days overdue.
  • Your income falls at or below 60 percent of the estimated state median income.
  • You have applied for, and be eligible to receive, energy assistance funds, or be able to provide other proof of income.
  • You continue to pay your monthly budget amount on-time each month.

Customers who meet the criteria listed below and who lack the resources to pay their electric bill may qualify for Shutoff Protection during the winter months and can receive protection from service shut-off from November 1 through May 1, with no late payment charges.

Customers are still encouraged to pay as much of the bill as possible during the winter since the full amount will still be owed at the end of the period. Shutoff Protection must be renewed annually, beginning in October. Applications for Shutoff Protection can also be completed while applying for public energy assistance through The Access Agency.

To be eligible, customers must receive state or federal public assistance, such as:

  • Aid to the Aged, Blind or Disabled (State Supplement); or Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC); or Medicaid; or Supplemental Security Income (SSI); or General Assistance; or
  • Whose sole source of financial support is Social Security, Veteran’s Administration; or
  • Whose income falls below 60 percent of the state median income; or
  • Whose circumstances threaten deprivation of food and the necessities of life if payment of a delinquent bill is required; or
  • Heating assistance.

The Energy Assistance program is funded by the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) and the Contingency Heating Assistance Program (CHAP).



This program is for: Households

More information about enrolling in this program:

Windham and Tolland County Residents can call either the Willimantic or Danielson office to make an appointment.